1B V Belt Pulley 10″ Single Groove B Section 1/2″ Pilot Bore – Al




  • The V-pulley is disc-type with a cylindrical bore
  • To be used for light-duty applications


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Quality manufactured in Australia by Australian Pulley Co.
  • V-pulleys are available from stock in both pilot bore (1/2-in) and finished bore options (5/8-in, 3/4-in, and 1-in)
  • V-pulleys are available in both single and double groove type for use with A, B, & M- section V-Belts
  • Refer to product data sheet for other technical details


  • V-pulley dimensions are accurate as they are manufactured in CNC Machine shop and foundry
  • V-pulley grooves guide and gain traction on a v-belt, helping to reduce slippage and maintain efficiency
  • A grub screw is provided with the v-pulley which forces down on key steel and stops it from sliding out

Features (Pilot Bore V-Pulley)

  • Pilot bore pulleys offer the flexibility of custom boring to suit a specific application or shaft size
  • The bore can be keyed to desired keyway size
  • V-pulley with finished bore without a keyway after machining is applicable to round shaft types
  • V-pulley with finished bore with a keyway after machining is applicable to keyed shaft types

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