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Screw gears, also occasionally known as crossed helical gears, are helical gears used in motion transmission in between non-intersecting shafts. The helical gears utilized in parallel beams have the exact same helix angle but opposite instructions. For shaft angles other than the parallel, an arbitrary helix angle can be decided on. Assuming no profile shift, the intersecting angle of the shafts is the sum of the respective helix angles. Helical gears have position contacts and have lower performance than parallel or perpendicular shaft gears, and can not transmit weighty loads.

Screw Gears: Specialized Details

HZPT inventory screw gears arrive in modules 1 ~ 4, 10 to thirty enamel, and 4 supplies: S45C, SUS303, CAC702 (previously A BC2), and MC nylon.

Catalog No. Module Substance Heat
JIS B 1702-1: 1998
SN 1 ~ four S45C Lower N9 Attainable Common screw gears. Additionally, equipment tooth induction hardening secondary functions can be executed.
Sunshine 1 ~ three SUS303 Lower N9 Achievable Appropriate for foodstuff equipment owing to SUS303’s rust-resistant qualities.
AN 1 ~ 4 CAC702
(Al BC2)
Minimize N9 Achievable manufactured of aluminum bronze, these gears have outstanding put on resistance.
PN 1.5 ~ three MC901 Lower N9 Attainable Light-fat merchandise are produced of MC Nylon and can be employed without lubrication.

Assortment Hints

Remember to select the most appropriate products by very carefully thinking about the traits of the objects and the contents of the item tables. Ahead of the ultimate assortment, it is also crucial to study all relevant “Warning” notes. Given that screw gears appear in the proper- or left-hand helix, incorporate the letter “R” or “L” in the catalog number when you buy.

1. Warning in Deciding on the Mating Gears
Screw gears are utilized for offset shafts. No matter whether the shafts are paralleled offset or skewed offset depends on the helix arms of the mating gears.

Direction of Shaft Arrangement of Helix Palms
Skewed Shafts RH-RH or LH-LH
Parallel Shafts RH-LH


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